Welcome to Bee Free our company has been in business since 2011 and all our techs are licensed and these are levels of expertise.

Exposed Hives
Bee Swarms
Meters or Valve Boxes
Live Removals

Exposed hive removals including trees, bushes, light fixtures and other outdoor structures at nearly any height.

Live swarm removals, vacuumed and relocated. Ensuring the highest survival rate of the bees.

Meter boxes and Values boxes can become a dangerous stronghold where bees can hide away.

All efforts are made to transport the hives we deal with.

Wasp Nest Removals

Wasps, Mud Daubbers, Hornets and Yellow Jacket removal.  Keeping you family safe and secure from theses aggressive insects.

Bees in Eaves

One of the most common places we find bees are in your eaves.  They like the limited wind and generally warm climes.

*Bee Fee Bee Removal is a paid service.  Estimates are given at no cost 

Many thanks Jeremy... Birds swarming around our house - a pleasure - Glad to have met you... Enjoy a good life.  Now the birds enjoy our house bee free.
- Sally 2017